Oil Recycling

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About Epic Technology

Vacuum Pump Oil Recycling

Epic Technology provides a cost effective solution for companies with heavy usage of expensive and high-grade oil i.e. Formblin/ Krytox Fluids. In the semiconductor industry, waste oil contains a range of contaminants and impurities as they are being used. This oil then becomes saturated and affects the performance of the vacuum pumps.

Till date, Epic Technology have recycled over 50 tonnes of oil at an optimal cost of various grades without affecting the quality and performance of the pumps. We provide the service with a comprehensive report from an independent 3rd Party laboratory which details the elemental analysis, kinematic viscosity and water content ratio.

State-of-the-art Facilities

With 14 years of repair experience and state-of-the-art facilities within our 5,000 sqft workshop spanning across 8 test stations, Epic Technology serves the Asia market with cost effective and quality assured repair and maintenance services with our professional team of skilled engineers and technicians.

Being close to key customers is vital for providing optimal support, Epic Technology also has local presence in Malaysia, where we run a workshop in Kulim, Kedah.

Why Epic Technology
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